Life is short, live well

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Life is short, live well

Postby Antonross » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:59 pm

Life is short, live well
Embrace each challenge in life as an opportunity for self development and personal transformation because the path you are on is your life journey of the soul. It’s is not until you have consented to change your habits and identity to match your lifestyle that you will begin to understand and realise why certain things in the past didn’t work out as you may have hoped. Some things are just not meant to be because they are not part of our destiny. What is meant for you will not go past you. Patience is needed. Time cannot be rushed forwards nor reversed. What is done cannot be undone.

Look at a cloud floating in the sky and to you it may seem like it’s standing still, but in a matter of few moments it will have transformed into a totally different shape without you even noticing. This is just one example demonstrating that when you feel as though are stuck and standing still, the truth is quite the opposite. You are constantly changing and transforming, albeit very gradually, much too slow to even notice.

Wanting is wishing, deciding is the willingness to do what takes to make your aspirations, wishes and dreams come true whereas pondering devours more energy than actually going out and doing it.
Commitment is what transforms a dream into reality.Failure to act in a crisis is tantamount to accepting a negative outcome. Your goal is to effectively construct a living philosophy that will sustain you through all the stages of your life requiring you being wise enough to use all the resources made available. All the opportunities are out there waiting for you to recognise them for what gifts they have to offer.

If you are planted in an environment with poor quality soil loaded with stones and weeds, your conditions must change for you to grow healthily and thrive, otherwise you will become ill and perish. Positivity is your weed killer. In order to make a lasting contribution to humanity, we must not allow other people’s expectations and unreasonable demands to restrict our growth and development. We have to learn to trust ourselves enough to get on with living our own lives. Check this out.

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