The "late night" food menu that you eat is not fat.

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The "late night" food menu that you eat is not fat.

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Who is there? How late is the stomach getting hungry and when we are unable to resist hunger? Accidentally ate a late meal In the end, he had to sit and regret Because the weight is not gaining traction But do not worry, because today Hello Doctor will introduce a low-calorie, low-fat, low-calorie meal that even though we accidentally eat how late Do not have to sit and worry that he will gain weight
Late night meals that are not fat that should be eaten
- yoghurt
A must-have item in the refrigerator for those who like to eat late night, it is inevitable that yogurt. Yogurt is an important source of calcium. That help build strong bones and teeth And is an important part of the production of melatonin (melatonin), which helps in sleep as well. Yogurt also helps in the digestive system. Help prevent constipation And most importantly, it is a food that makes you feel full. But low in fat and less calories, but you should choose natural yogurt. Or low fat yogurt That does not mix their fruit So as not to add extra calories to that meal. แอมเบท
- Popcorn
While popcorn may seem like a high calorie snack, the calories in popcorn are actually very small. Three cups of popcorn provide less than 100 grams of calories and more than 4 grams of fiber, making us feel full without causing fat. However It's a good idea to go for popcorn without butter, sugar, caramel, or salt, but you can try changing it to heat or microwave. And mixed with spices or dried herbs To help add the flavor without adding calories instead
- Egg dishes
Egg dishes, such as boiled eggs, poached eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, or omelettes, are a simple late-night meal that can be easily made. It takes fast, full of nutrition. And it's low in calories, because one egg uses only about 72 calories. Rather, it will provide 6 grams of protein that makes you feel full. If possible, choose to eat boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, or poached eggs that do not require cooking oil. But if you want to fry eggs I tried to use a little oil Or make poached eggs instead

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