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Excellent! Reveals the first experience of using the Internet via satellite SpaceX Starlink.

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:09 am
by Busba1122

In October, SpaceX began testing Starlink, providing satellite broadband internet before going live (beta), where those interested in participating would have to pay $ 499 upfront, or about $ 15,600 for the router and antenna to connect. Use the service Including paying a monthly fee of 99 USD or about 3,000 baht), where users get internet speeds ranging from 50 Mb / s to 150 Mb / s and latency from 20 ms to 40 ms.
Several days ago, a user of Reddit, a social news site in the US, called the Wandering-coder account. The post shared the experience of using the SpaceX Starlink satellite broadband Internet in a remote area of Idaho National Forest, which has confirmed that data can be downloaded at 120Mbps, uploaded 12Mbps. And has 37 milliseconds of latency
Tests used a portable 300W power supply, sufficient for a 116W Starlink system, and tested in areas where Google Fi mobile broadband service was not available when T-Mobile and US Cellular networks were not available. Test the internet with Starlink, I can say it works fine and real-time video calling is smooth. Tests have unboxed the Starlink equipment to see what they are. แอมเบท